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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Queens Feast-Restaurant Week

It is Restaurant Week in Charlotte, one of my fave times of the year.

This is where local restaurants participate in a special

"3 for $30" menu.

You get an appetizer, entree and desert.

I usually choose my restaurant based off who is offering Creme Brulee.

This year Capital Grill had it on the menu so we made our reservations in advance.

You need to make them early because we still did not get in until 9:30pm.

We started dinner off with a Pineapple Martini!


I had the Filet for dinner and it was by far one of the BEST I have had in a long time. In fact it puts Ruth's Chris to shame. It was served with natural au jus which was amazing. I prefer some juice and flavor, but that's just me.

Bryan and Shannan were great dates!

Happy Monday!


  1. Love calamari at Capital Grille! You were on our block! :)

  2. Wait a minute... no plug for my blog? Your "Gender Reveal" blog put in a plug for Dee... I'm just saying...