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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nashville Girls Trip Take One!

We had been planning this trip for some time, however it was bittersweet because when the time came for the trip it also meant

"Farewell to the 20 Somethings"

We went mainly for CMA Fan Fair which was totally worth it.

We arrived on Thursday to the Gorgeous

Gaylord Opryland Hotel!

I visited here as a child and remembered it being like Disney World. I would have never thought it was really that big and great twenty years later,,,but it was.

This was my favorite spot in the entire hotel over looking the pond and falls.

We stopped here for a cheers and toast as soon as we checked in.

I am a sucker for a Peach Bellini.

All bets and calorie counts are off when a Peach Cocktail is on the table.

We headed up to our room, which is quite a walk considering the size of this place. Thank goodness for valet, we did not have to carry our luggage around.

We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at our suite.

We decide that the "P" stood for the

Pimp Suite!

We got dolled up in our skirts and cowboy boots and headed out on the town!

Check back tomorrow for a recap of our first concert!

You won't believe how many Country Singers were at one location!

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  1. What a beautiful hotel! I agree when it comes to bellinis. ;)