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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bump Powder

I suppose that blog title got your attention.

The name got my attention when Claire, my stylist mentioned it to me.

It is exactly what it says though,
Volumizing Bump Powder!

A big bump comes out of this tiny bottle.

Remember, I am NOT talking about this kind of bump, if you are looking for this type of bump you may very well be on the wrong blog.

Nothing personal Snookie, just not my idea of a bump, this is more like a mountain but you rock it like no one else!

However, this is more what I had in mind with my
Bump Powder.

Just a nice soft, lift "bump" at the root.

You just sprinkle a very small amount on your fingertips and rub it in at the roots.

This can be purchased at your local private salon if they carry Keune products.

It is a little pricey ( a bottle this size around $20) but it lasts for a long time and really adds that

I would love to see your bump pictures or hear your bump tips.

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