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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five

This week marks the first week I have been home for the entire week with no out of town activities or events scheduled......................

Let me tell you it was FABULOUS!

I missed my hubby but I had this guy to snuggle with while he was away which is my TOP favorite thing from the entire week.

Coming in second on my list would be this beautiful pink package I received from a dear friend for my Big 3.0.

Who doesen't love Lilly?

Third would be the lovely package I got the Next day from another dear friend (my Birthday just keeps on going)

I must clarify that Ron did not go in Loft and pick this Leopard skirt out himself, instead he got me a gift card and I rushed over to purchase it since Leopard will be the Hottest trend this fall.
(key; stock up now as the fall trends are already out, if you wait until August or September they will be long gone, maybe to my closet)

My fourth fave would be all the quality time I got to spend with this pup. This is priceless. I found Toffee hanging out in the shower Tuesday night.

Coming in last but not my least fave by any means was dining out with my buddies not once but twice this week.

We hit up Bricktop's Wednesday

And Cheddar's on Thursday

Cross Fit is looking for me after this, gotta go!

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  1. Yay for get birthday gifts! Looks like your friends knew exactly what you wanted!