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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Years!

Today marks Three Years of marriage for me and Keith.

Which means we have heard "When are you going to have kids" a lot by now.
How do you answers something like that?
I prefer to answer it by saying
 "When the time is right for us and when we have done everything we want to do"
We chose not to have kids right away so we could enjoy life together alone and travel, get our finances together and enjoy just being married first.
I wouldn't trade this for anything, these three years have been wonderful.

We have traveled all over the place and had lots of fun years.
We honeymooned to The Dominican.
We traveled to Europe and explored three different countries.
We traveled to Mexico.

We traveled to The Virgin Islands on a cruise.

We celebrated our first anniversary in The Big Apple.

We celebrated numerous holidays and fun events with our buddies down in the Gulf

We spent a fabulous weekend in Chicago.

We purchased a boat and enjoyed a wonderful summer on the water.

We spent many weeks and weekends with family on The Atlantic Coast and caught our first crab.

We went camping in our first camper.
The last three years have been a blast and we look forward to celebrating many more!


  1. Good for you guys! So glad we met! :)

  2. Happy 3 years. Welcome to the club! And how annoying is that question?!?

  3. Congratulations! I'm with ya girl - enjoy being married and traveling while you can!

  4. Happy three years!!! Congrats!!

    My husband Keith and I just celebrated three years too!

  5. Happy third anniversary! You guys truly live life to the fullest, love it!

  6. Happy anniversary! We're on the same plan - trying to soak in as much travel and adventures before having kids. I hope y'all have a wonderful day celebrating and also enjoy planning more trips to come! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! You two look so happy, and truly have had some fun these last few years. :)

  8. Happy 3rd Anniversary!! Tomorrow is my 4th wedding anniversary and I just had my first baby two months ago so I totally hear you on the "when are you having kids?" question! Enjoy all the baby free time as much as you can because once you have the life totally changes.