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Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Randoms.

I have been super duper busy with work and visitors the last few weeks.
Thankfully my project is finally about to open and I could not be more excited.
However the timing could not be worse. We had plans for over two months to go to The Beach with our neighbors and due to the construction schedule we had to cancel at the last minute. Not happy about that but I am so ready to get back to a normal work schedule.
My family came to visit and I took them on a tour.
While they were here I discovered my new favorite restaurant in Dilworth, 300 East.

We have been spending lots of time on the water enjoying the boat.

This weekend we went two of our best buds came up for The Miranda Lambert concert.
It was such a nice surprise after such a challenging and busy week.
I think I may have had a little too much fun.

I picked these shirts up for Keith and I to wear on the boat. Ha!

The next few weeks, maybe months Keith and I will be glued to Charlotte as my community opens for business and the real fun begins.


  1. Love the pictures! cute shirts too! I saw Miranda a couple of years ago! She was great!

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