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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend in Savannah!

We spent the weekend in Savannah with nearly our entire neighborhood from when we lived in Georgia to celebrate Alan and Andrea's Birthday!
How often can you get this large of a group together!

We had a fabulous Cruise Director Miss Julie that put a great trip together. You need someone in charge when there is a group this large.

We stayed at The Lovely River Street Inn right on The River. 

We had a lovely fireplace in our room!
Talk about Southern Charm!

Our View of the City from our Room

We kicked off the first night with a smaller crew before everyone else arrived.

First on our agenda the following day was
LuLu's Chocolate Bar

You can only imagine why I loved this place so much. 

I had the Creme Brulee Sampler! 
It was amazing!

Alan had the LuLuTini!

This very piece of art in LuLu's was painted by another neighbor from our neighborhood who actually moved into our home after we did. 

Can we say Small World?

Friday night the entire gang went on a Boo and Brews Tour through out the city. This was the greatest event. You walk for a while then stop at local "haunted" pubs. 

I made a friend from my hometown, Greenville. 

I love running into Greenvillian's!

Saturday we went to The Old Pink House. 
I think this is the most fabulous place in Savannah. Check out this basement pub. 

Saturday we made the hike to
The Famous Pinkie Master's.

This was voted the #1 Dive in Southern Living Magazine so we had to check it out.

Ray Ray wrote and sang a song for everyone!
"We all are getting old"

Keith and Me with MC. We were so lucky to be married by such a sweet friend who we know and love.

Me and Alan

Me and Jessica. She now lives in my old home in Albany! Bittersweet!
We love them but do miss our very first home together.


Such a fabulous weekend with SO many fabulous people!
Miss you all already!


  1. That creme brulee looks amazing!

  2. I love LuLu's! I've been going there for years! Looks fun!

  3. Oh, I LOVE Savannah! We were there last year for my sister's bachelorette weekend. Isn't it just the perfect getaway?

  4. I love Savannah! It's where we plan to move once I become a famous published author... The haunted pub tours are a blast. Shannan and I went on one years ago.

  5. Love the name!! How perfect and fun! :)