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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome Back Robin!

Are you a Today's Show, Good Morning America, or an Early Show fan?
Or maybe you don't watch any morning show?
This is pretty much the only way I get my news, and that is because they give it in a positive light note. Maybe I don't like the truth and negativity that often comes along with the news, oh well.
No matter what you watch, certainly you know Robin Roberts!!!
 After a long battle with illness she is returning today to  Good Morning America.

I will certainly be one of the millions tuned into Welcome her back!

I missed you Robin!


  1. I just finished watching it. You are right they do it in a positive light. I hate watching news it makes me feel so negative and have no hope for goo din the world

  2. So glad to see her back!
    I had never thought about the morning shows being more positive with the news, but you're right. Wish I had more time to enjoy it in the morning.

  3. I never get to watch during a normal week but saw while home one day about her coming back. I had a shit grin on my face for the whole segment. Yay Robin.