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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dinner in The Cellar

I recently told you about my first visit to Bonterra here in Charlotte.

Well, it was SO good and I was SO impressed with the Private Wine Cellar that I booked it asap for my upcoming Team Kick Off Meeting I had coming up.
It is right in the neighborhood of the new community and what better place to have a private team meeting?
It was a fabulous meal and evening.
I had the Filet served with Grits. Who would have thought that would be a great combo but it was amazing.
Oh and of course, a Creme Brulee!
After all we were celebrating a special occasion!


  1. Lately I've been appreciating my creme brulee with a shot of rumchata, baileys, or a port mixed in... Bliss.

  2. I just ate a huge lunch but that meal made me hungry again! HA! Love the new blog header!!

  3. yum filet with grits that sounds like a great meal! and then you topped it off with creme brulee, what a great dessert

  4. Hi Gorgeous! Thank you for commenting on my blog. You have inspired me to do a post about what to do when visiting Chicago. Check back in a day or two!!